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By signing up to Quentinvest you will receive regular buying ideas and updates about the world’s most exciting fast-growing companies
Great Stocks

Great Stocks

Each month Quentinvest will take an in-depth look at the fundamentals of eight stocks that are either in the portfolio or are new entries to the list.
Great Charts

Great Charts

A monthly look at charts of around twenty exciting 3G stocks, plus an extended market commentary.
Share Alerts

Share Alerts

QV share alerts are market driven buy signals. In exciting markets there will be numerous alerts, in dull markets few, but many at important market lows.
ETF Alerts

ETF Alerts

OPTIONAL EXTRA: ETFs bring instant diversification so are less risky than individual shares – providing opportunities for exciting gains. See subscription plans for more info.

Why Quentinvest?

  • Quentinvest operates a predominantly buy and hold strategy
    for building a great 21st century portfolio filled entirely with shares
    in fast growing 3G+M companies carefully selected by Quentin Lumsden.
  • 3G stands for Great Story, Great Growth and Great Share Price Chart.
    All the shares in the portfolio have to be 3G.
  • M stands for that little bit of extra magic, which makes each share really special.
    As you can see from the QV performance tables, portfolios created by Quentinvest do outstandingly well.

Let The Numbers Do The Talking

Annual Portfolio Performance

2009 +60.6% +396.9%
2010 +31.7% +573.6%
2011 +22.1% +317.8%
2012 +23.5% +333.2%
2013 +10.5% +307.8%
2014 +2.6% +134.8%
2015 +5.6% +128.7%
2016 +4.3% +135.3%
2017 -8% +144.9%
2018 -12.3% +83.8%
2019 -6.9% +107.7%
2020 +10% +65.3%

* Performance figures from date of recommendation to present day.

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You always seem to come up with brand new companies that I haven't heard of and then do in depth research to justify their selection. You are so often right that it defies belief!
M.D., 3 February 2021
You have the midas touch. I know that because through my own inside knowledge I found Okta and APT. You spotted them soon afterwards.
A.W., 22 October 2020
Take all your newsletters and am quite staggered at how right you have been about 'high-priced" shares and NASDAQ etc.
N.W., 21 October 2020
Whilst we are in such uncertain times at present, your guidance, has been wonderful. I suggested to one of my daughters the other day, that when I die, you should be mentioned with thanks in their eulogy!
L.B., September 2020
Love your confidence, love your enthusiasm. I just wanted to thank you so much for all your fantastic investment advice. Your advice has been invaluable and our portfolios have risen enormously.
L.G., August 2020
One of the best stock pickers I have ever come across — quite possibly the best — is Quentin Lumsden.
Dr. T., July 2018
May I take this opportunity to thank you for the in-depth analysis that you undertake. Your alerts are interesting, informative and a learning experience.
G.M., June 2018
Many thanks for all the work you do on your subscribers’ behalf. It’s an incredible and thrilling journey to be on and I’m very excited about the prospects ahead for us all.
D.B., June 2018
It’s the content that matters. And the content is spot on. Always has been. ‘Less is more’ sometimes, at least when it comes to websites I think.
M.F., June 2018
I have been a subscriber to you for many years and have found your advice very helpful.
M.H., January 2018
I read your newsletter regularly and am amazed at the quality of your selections.
D.O., September 2017
Before joining Quentinvest I did not realise just how much our world is changing...and just how exciting the future will be. You have opened my eyes to investing worldwide and have introduced me to new companies, most of which I have never heard of.
G.M., June 2018
All trading involves risk. Losses can exceed deposits. Quentinvest provides information only and subscribers should seek financial advice before acting on any recommendations.
Past performance is not a guide to future performance.