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It’s time to invest in a portfolio strategy

Quentinvest gives you unique access to stock market news and analysis from one of London’s leading stock market experts. Quentin Lumsden has over 40 years of experience and his proven track record will help you build your high-performance growth share portfolio.

Annual Portfolio Performance
Year FT All Share % QV %
2018 -12.3% +83.8%
2019 -6.9% +107.7%
2020 +10% +65.3%
2009-2020 +143.7% +2,729.8%

Outperform the market with momentum investing

We can help you build a successful portfolio by focusing firmly on fast growing companies. It sounds simple, but it takes a well trained eye to spot these opportunities, as they’re often within companies you may have never heard of. It doesn’t mean we ignore companies like Apple and Amazon, but for us to select a share the company must have strong growth momentum and a rising share price.

Buy and hold investing the Quentinvest way

We use three strict criteria to select the fastest growing companies. We refer to this method as 3G, and we talk about it a LOT, but that’s because it’s key to operating a buy and hold strategy.

3G stands for Great story. Great growth. Great chart.

You’ll soon see how this method can deliver a profitable 21st century portfolio in an increasingly globalised world that’s living through the biggest tech revolution ever known.

Discover more on how our strategy can help you

Investment Strategy

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Realise great returns with long-term investing

Our eBook: The Golden Rules for Investing with Quentinvest, will help you understand how we use our expertise to deliver the best investment strategy for you.

It will show how we use our 3G criteria to help you pick the very best from the 100,000 quoted shares in the world right now, because only the best will maximise your returns.


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