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1. What is Quentinvest?

Quentinvest is a subscription-based service providing information and expert analysis on how to grow a 21st century portfolio built on fast-growing shares, cryptos and ETFs. Content is published on the Quentinvest website and sent to subscribers by email.

2. Is Quentinvest regulated?

No, Quentinvest is not regulated. Quentinvest is a subscription-based website and email service providing you with general information on stocks. Quentinvest does not provide advice to you and does not provide any advisory services. Quentinvest does not take orders from you to buy or sell stocks and does not place orders with brokers.

3. What makes Quentinvest different?

Quentinvest provides stock market news and analysis directly from Quentin Lumsden, one of London’s leading stock market experts with a proven track record over the past 40 years. He uses a unique criteria called 3G to inform his stock selections – an unprecedented and highly successful method for building a 21st century high-performance growth-share portfolio. Quentinvest beat the stock market averages, year in year out, helping subscribers create portfolios made up of the best-performing shares in the world’s most exciting companies.

This approach and information helps subscribers to make their own investment decisions to invest in the stock markets.

The information that Quentinvest provides about the financial markets and stocks is general and is not based on your personal circumstances. Quentinvest does not advise you on what shares to buy.

4. How do I subscribe to the service and create my account?

Click on Subscribe and create an account by entering your personal and billing details.

5. How will I know when new content is published on the website?

Every time new content is published on the website you will also receive the content via email.

6. I’m currently using your online subscription free trial. What happens when it ends?

To keep your account active you’ll need to subscribe to our online service (either annually or monthly) and add your payment details. You can do this in your account. We will also send you an email reminder.

7. What happens to any left-over print subscription credit after my free trial ends?

Your new online account will be credited with any remaining balance. This will happen automatically when you subscribe to our online service and once your free trial has ended.

8. How do I pay for my new online subscription after my free trial ends?

You can pay directly in your account using a Credit Card.

9. Once I’ve subscribed to an online account what happens to my standing order for my print subscription?

Unfortunately, we can’t cancel this for you. You’ll need to cancel this directly with your bank to avoid incurring further charges and it must be done by the account holder.

10. How can I access my account details to change them?

You can change your account details here.

11. I have forgotten my password. How do I set a new one?

Click on Request Password Reset and follow the instructions.

12. I have forgotten my username and email. What can I do?

Don’t worry, we can sort things out. Please get in touch with Arabella between 9am and 5pm every weekday on 07791 737318 or [email protected].

13. I am struggling to subscribe and complete the payment – can you help?

We are always here to help and can take you through every step. Please contact Arabella between 9am and 5pm every weekday on 07791 737318 or [email protected].