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Why Quentinvest is the right long-term investment choice

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A new and changing market needs a new investment strategy

The world is changing fast. Powered by globalisation and huge technology advances, long-standing stable companies no longer give you the best return. It’s now more about having the knack for spotting less obvious opportunities in new global players. We emphatically beat the stock market averages, year in, year out and can help you do the same using our 3G criteria:


Do they have a great story?


Do they have great growth?


Do they have a great chart?

Get access to our unique 3G formula

Subscribe to Quentinvest to get instant access to our 3G thinking. It’s key to the what, when and why of our analysis, and leads to a share selection most likely to deliver you the best returns.

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Learn from the best market share expert

Our founder Quentin has over 40 years’ of experience, so you’re in safe hands and you’ll be getting analysis based on his recurring success. He also invests in his own selections, so your portfolio will look very much like his if you follow his expert guidance.

Don’t settle for market averages

We beat the stock market averages, year in, year out. Stick with us and you’ll soon build a portfolio that is made up of the best performing shares in the world’s most exciting companies.

Annual Portfolio Performance

Excellent overall performance on all recommendations

Year FT All Share % QV %
2009 +60.6% +396.9%
2010 +31.7% +573.6%
2011 +22.1% +317.8%
2012 +23.5% +333.2%
2013 +10.5% +307.8%
2014 +2.6% +134.8%
2015 +5.6% +128.7%
2016 +4.3% +135.3%
2017 -8% +144.9%
2018 -12.3% +83.8%
2019 -6.9% +107.7%
2020 +10% +65.3%

Performance figures from date of recommendation to present day.

Top 12 Share Tips Since 2015

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About Quentin Lumsden

Quentin Lumsden

Meet the main man, Quentin

Hi, I’m Quentin, the founder of Quentinvest, and still hands-on even after 40 plus years. My career started as a fund manager, specialising in US shares. Since then, I’ve been an investment editor at The Investor’s Chronicle, an editor of the Investor’s Chronicle Stock Market Letter, and the owner and author of two investment newsletters, The Quantum Leap Stock Market Letter and Chart Breakout, which have been in continuous publication since 1984. So, you could say I live and breathe stocks and shares.

I’ve always been positive and passionate, but today’s fast moving stock market excites me more than ever before. I believe we are in a historic bull market and with the right selections it’s easier than you think to create a portfolio full of massive winners.

I’m a great believer in practicing what I preach, so all the shares in my personal portfolio have been repeatedly put forwards by Quentinvest.

Quentin on his unique style

I devised the 3G criteria many years ago, but it’s become even more relevant in today’s market which is thriving on globalisation and a tech revolution. I use a mixture of fundamental and technical analysis to make selections. This is often known as momentum investing because it focuses on shares in companies with strong growth momentum and a rising share price.

My strategy isn’t rocket science, it works well because it’s based on an intense focus of high growth buy and hold. Subscribe and let me tell you more.


Realise great returns with long-term investing

Our eBook: The Golden Rules for Investing with Quentinvest, will help you understand how we use our expertise to deliver the best investment strategy for you.

It will show how we use our 3G criteria to help you pick the very best from the 100,000 quoted shares in the world right now, because only the best will maximise your returns.