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Stock Market Stars at the Heart of the AI Revolution

May 9, 2023

Not long ago I said that this amazing company would soon overtake Tesla in market value. Even I have been surprised at what has happened since. This fabulous business is now valued at approaching $200bn more than Tesla. Way to go and I think there could be much more to come.

This company pioneered accelerated computing and now it says:

Our work in AI and the metaverse is transforming the world's largest industries and profoundly impacting society.


If this company is to be believed the world has entered a period of accelerated transformation.

Everybody who develops software is either alerted or shocked into alert or actively working on something that is like ChatGPT to be integrated into their application or integrated into their service.

And so this is, as you can imagine, utterly worldwide. The activity around the AI infrastructure that we build Hopper and the activity around inferencing using Hopper and Ampere to inference large language models, has just gone through the roof in the last 60 days. And so there's no question that whatever our views are of this year as we enter the year has been fairly, dramatically changed as a result of the last 60, 90 days.

Q4 2023, 22 February 2023

We are talking about a business at the heart of the most explosive period of transformation in world history. I think it is understandable that investors might become a little excited about this company. It is already storming ahead but that is just what you would expect if something really big is going to happen.

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