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Stock Market Big Guns Firing on all Cylinders

April 27, 2023

Investors have been worried that the US stock market has been kept afloat by shares in some of the biggest companies, the so-called mega caps. It turns out this is not a problem because these giant companies are in rude health.

One of the most exciting is a household name business with a global reach that would have stunned earlier generations of investors. In the past they thought they had big companies. It turns out they had no idea. It's like Crocodile Dundee in the eponymous film - call that a knife. Well, now we have serious knives; Dundee would have been impressed.

AI is perfect for these guys. They have the reach in terms of customers, they have the raw computing power, which is becoming more staggering by the day, they have the data which is pouring through their systems like a tsunami gathering height and mass and they have the talent in-house (not so many as they used to have after the recent blood-lettings) but they are still magnets for the finest young minds on the planet.

Let's have a closer look at one of these super stars and what it is that makes it so exciting.

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