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New breakout for the Nasdaq 100 – 14 exciting ETFs to buy now including one new entry to the QV for ETFs portfolio

April 23, 2020

Wedbush Video Game Technology/ GAMR Buy @ $51.21
First Trust Cloud Computing/ SKYY Buy @ $66.75
Global X Future Analytics Technology/ AIQ Buy @ $18.97
Global X Millennials Themed/ MILN Buy @ $24.98
iShares MSCI World Momentum/ IWMO Buy @ $45.13
iShares Expanded Tech Sector/ IGM Buy @ $256.98
iShares Expanded Tech Software/ IGV Buy @ $255.69
iShares Russell Top 200 Growth/ IWY Buy @ $99.03
Invesco Technology Momentum/ PTF Buy @ $85.49
Invesco Dynamic Software/ PSJ Buy @ $105.15
Invesco Nasdaq Internet/ PNQI Buy @ $159.01
Invesco QQQ (Nasdaq 100)/ QQQ Buy @ $226.86
Polar Capital Technology Trust/ PCT Buy @ 1932p
Amplify Online Retail/ IBUY Buy @ $62.55

I am a great believer in regular investment programmes. If you do this against a background of a long-term secular uptrend you are virtually certain to come out ahead in the end, very possibly well ahead.

My timing for starting QV for ETFs was not brilliant because shares in many centres have been performing badly. The FTSE 100 index, for example, has been trading for the three and a bit years since January 2017 at around 7,400. It is currently 6038.1. An investor in UK shares would very likely have lost money over this period.

Against that background I am pleased to see that the average gain on all the ETFs featured in QV for ETFs is +8.2pc. The gain has roughly doubled since I last updated the table around a month ago, reinforcing my believe that the ETFs in my table are really starting to perform.

I have been helped by my overwhelming focus on the two areas of global stock markets performing the best and weathering the affects of a stay-home economy most easily. These are US shares and within that technology shares.

I think they are going to continue to do well and that we have what looks like a chart breakout on the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 index (see chart above). It could be a timely moment to increase exposure to US technology shares, which are heavily represented in the list of recommended ETFs above.

All but IBUY are already in the portfolio. IBUY, Amplify Online Retail, is a way to gain exposure to e-commerce, which has taken off as lockdown has forced people to dramatically up their online spending. I was expecting to find shares like Amazon and Shopify in the fund’s portfolio but they are not there. This is about e-commerce but with names that were often unfamiliar to me. This is good because many of the other ETFs do feature hefty weightings for shares like Amazon so IBUY adds some diversity.

There are 14 ETFs in the list. In an ideal world you would buy all of them but all of them look timely to buy so it is not critical which you choose, though some like GAMR are more sector focussed than others.

The ideal way to invest in ETFs is through a programme of regular investing – £-cost averaging is the name for a strategy of investing an equal amount of money at regular intervals. It turns periods of general weakness into an advantage, which is why I became so aggressive with my recommendations, when the pandemic triggered a collapse in global stock markets. You need to choose the right shares and ETFs to buy and for me that means an overwhelming focus on US technology shares. This is why, Polar Capital Technology Trust, although it is not an ETF but is actively managed, is one of my favourite investments. The management are excellent; it has a broad-based portfolio, heavily weighted for US-quoted technology businesses and it has a fabulous track record. If you wanted to choose one share for your £-cost averaging programme PCT would be a great candidate.

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