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September 17, 2020

Best of the Best/ BOTB Buy @ 1760p  MV: £152m  Next figures: 30 January No of times recommended: 2  Price when first recommended: 1480p

Some of you may be familiar with Best of the Best as a business, which displayed aspirational cars at airports and sold tickets to win the car. They are allowed to do this because in order to win the car you have to play a game of skill called Spot the Ball based on two footballers gazing into the air. You mark the spot where the invisible ball  at which they are looking is located. The winner is the one closest to the spot chosen by a panel of experts. It is a simple business, founded by a car enthusiast, William Hindmarch, almost fresh out of university and for many years it seemed to be pottering along, largely unnoticed. Not any more! Well, it still keeps a low profile although it has appointed a new, larger city public relations firm but it is definitely not pottering.

Like the rest of us, Hindmarch and his team have been migrating their lives and the business on line. They have been doing this slowly but last year the last physical site was closed and they have since been able to focus exclusively on the online business.Shares often rise a lot when something new and important is happening. This is a massive something new, a complete transition of a high cost, limited market, operation to a skies-the-limit online business, effectively a BaaS (a betting as a service) platform.

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