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Datadog – the techies’ superstock

October 1, 2020

"Datadog is the monitoring and analytics platform for developers, IT operations teams and business users in the cloud age."

This is how Dadadog describes what they do in the opening words of their prospectus. After that they go into great detail about how and why they do it. I am not even going to attempt to cover that here.  What I think is significant is that they don't say 'a" monitoring and analytics platform, they say 'the'. These guys are not short of confidence but also they have to get statements like that past a team of lawyers so it must be a claim which they can support.

I will just add one quote though because I think it goes to the heart of what they do.

"Software applications are transforming how organisations engage with customers and operate their businesses. Companies across all industries are re-platforming their businesses to cloud infrastructures to enable this digital transformation. Historically, engineering teams have been siloed (one definition of siloed is 'kept in isolation in a way that hinders communication and cooperation), making the development of next generation applications on dynamic cloud environments challenging. We started Datadog to break this model and facilitate collaboration among development and operations teams, enabling the adoption of DevOps practices. Since then we have continuously pushed to unify separate tools into an integrated monitoring and analytics platform, readily available to everyone who cares about applications and their impact on business."

The result is that the DevOps teams running companies can now look on a dashboard supplied by Datadog to see how their digital infrastructure is functioning. If that is what Datadog does and I think it is then it does sound pretty cool and essential in an era of digital transformation.

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