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Classic chart breakout for Global X Infrastructure Development ETF/ PAVE

March 3, 2023
PAVE | Quentinvest

This is a fabulous chart breakout signalling that these shares are a strong buy. What has made me really excited about this one is that I have been looking at the charts of those top 10 constituents and there are some great charts in there of what look like some exciting shares. In fact, they all look great!

This fund gives immediate exposure to infrastructure spending in North America and the implication is that this is going to be strong over coming years. This would not be a surprise. For years we have been hearing that US infrastructure has been badly neglected and a huge amount of catch-up spending is required.

Furthermore if it is true that the US economy is going to experience some sort of recession the classic response to this is for governments is to increase spending and what better way to do this than by spending on the country’s neglected infrastructure.


I am increasingly moving towards the idea that investors should build their portfolios from a mixture of ETFs, leveraged ETFs, portfolio shares (shares which offer high quality growth but without presently having a major something new happening) and superstar shares (which are high quality growth plus classically strong charts and a major something new happening).

ETFs can be further divided into ETFs tracking the indices and ETFs tracking sectors. PAVE is an example of the latter and looks hot to buy right now

Global X US Infrastructure Development ETF. PAVE. Buy @ $30.07

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