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A Share Which Really Hits the Spot

June 17, 2023

I am very pleased with the way the Coppock indicator works when applied to individual shares. It was designed by its creator, Edwin Coppock, for one thing only, which was to spot the time when it was safe to re-enter the stockmarket after a bear market correction.

It works spectacularly well for that but has much wider application. When combined with the Quentinvest focus on shares in companies with exciting growth characteristics it can deliver amazing results.

The stock which I look at in more detail below has recently given a Coppock buy signal (and was featured as an alert when it did). This buy signal was only the third in the quoted history of the shares and the previous two signals worked very well.

We also now have the reinforcement of a 3m golden cross buy signal, which again happens relatively rarely and has worked very well in the past.

Third Buy Signal for Hubspot

As you can see on the chart since the IPO in 2015 there have been three double whammy buy signals and the previous two were not only followed by periods of strongly rising prices but these periods themselves were part of a sustained secular rise in the price.

The best interpretation of what is happening on this chart is that the price is in a continuing uptrend which will go on to reach new all-time highs. So, knowing the chart message, let us see if that is confirmed by a look at the fundamentals.

Hubspot plays a critical role in the digital economy.

HubSpot’s mission is to help millions of organizations grow better. Over 177,000 customers in more than 120 countries use HubSpot’s software, services, and support to transform the way they attract, engage, and delight customers.

Hubspot website

The business is growing strongly.

We delivered more than four points of margin expansion year over year, bringing operating margins to over 13pc. Total customers grew by 23pc to over 177,000 customers globally, fueled by net customer additions of over 9,900 in the quarter. I’m pleased with our momentum coming into the year and the focused execution by the HubSpot team. These results show that our product innovation is in high gear and that our bimodal go-to-market strategy is working.

Q1 2023, 3 May 2023

The company has ambitious goals.

One of our strategic objectives is to become the market share leader in marketing, sales, and service for scaling companies and we remain focused on delivering depth of features in order to get there.

Q1 2023, 3 May 2023

Generative AI to Play Key Role

Generative AI is at the heart of the group’s future plans.

Now, I want to double-click on innovation and share how we’re thinking about generative AI and why we are well-positioned to add even more value for our customers. We are in the early stages of a transformative shift. Generative AI is rapidly changing the landscape in three fundamental ways. It helps businesses generate content, generate insights, and generate code, all using natural language.

This will be a massive opportunity for SMBs and scaling companies. Activities that once took them time, money and deep expertise no longer do with Gen AI. And this shift will enable SMBs to reach more customers, serve them at record speed with unprecedented relevance. So, what does this really mean for marketing sales and service professionals? In the simplest terms, we believe AI will guide go-to-market teams and make them more effective.

This will fuel a new era of AI-guided growth for our customers. When we bring together the power of foundational models with deep contextual data in HubSpot CRM, we can help go-to-market teams drive better results. Marketers can use Gen AI to guide them in creating more effective block poles, email campaigns, and social content. Salespeople can use it to guide them to write better prospecting email and deliver more relevant insights for customers.

Service professionals can use Gen AI to anticipate customer needs, suggest resolutions, and offer proactive support. We believe AI won’t replace go-to-market teams. It will guide them to drive better outcomes. While there will be efficiency benefits, we’re even more excited about effectiveness gains and the ability to drive guided growth for customers.

While we are in the early stages of Gen AI, HubSpot has unique differentiators. First, we have unique data and broad distribution. HubSpot CRM data is unified and cohesive making it easier for AI to ingest and drive relevance. Second, we’re at the center of our customers’ workflows.

HubSpot is where work gets done. So, we can bring relevance to generate content and insights across the entire front office. We’re not another AI point solution. We are an all-in-one CRM platform powered by AI.

Third, we’ve always had a human-centric approach in companies with a human feedback loop or at an advantage with AI. We made a ton of progress in Q1 with the launches of content assistant in public beta and ChatSpot in public alpha. Since our launch in March, we’ve had over 40,000 users sign up for ChatSpot, and the early feedback has been very positive. Content Assistant has thousands of users to date, and we are seeing customers leveraging it daily for creating marketing emails, blog posts, landing pages, and more.

We’re ambitiously integrating AI across our entire CRM platform. So, our customers don’t have to become AI expert to reap the transformational benefits. I’m incredibly excited with the opportunity AI is creating to deliver even more value for our customers.

Q1 2023, 3 May 2023

American CEOs are a bit like me, they are always ‘incredibly excited’ but that is good. Imagine if they were not excited.

Hubspot has a compelling chart to illustrate its growth credentials.

Strategy – How Charts Help the Imagination to Soar

Unless you are a super-adventurous thinker like Cathie Wood of ARKK, studying fundamentals always seems to lead to the conclusion that the present price is either about right or too high. It is only with charts that we can allow the imagination to soar.

Share Recommendations

Hubspot HUBS. Buy @ $519

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