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Shares and one cryptocurrency to buy now from the Quentinvest portfolio

November 5, 2020

Investors seem to regard the signs of stalemate between Trump and Biden and the non-appearance of a Democratic landslide as good news. Biden will probably become president but without a strong mandate  and maybe in the face of a Republican senate so his hands may be tied, leaving corporate America to carry on doing what it does best with minimal interference from the politicians. What it should get is a big stimulus package and one day a world without the constant threat of Covid-19. The biggest trend, as illustrated by this index, is the relentless onward march of the technology revolution.  This is driving strong growth in sales especially but also profits for businesses still making them. The list below is of shares which have been discussed in past issues of Quentinvest. They are all 3G+magic+something new (often lots of things new) + a strong tailwind. They are just the kind of shares that should be in a Quentinvest portfolio. They are in this list because they look timely now and weren’t in the 27 October round up of recommendations. I am a great believer in buying into strength and this list, like previous ones, exemplifies that strategy. There is one non-share in the list, Bitcoin, which is breaking up out of an exciting chart pattern and which, as always, has great blue sky speculative potential. Nobody knows what it is worth so it could be worth anything.

Ashtead/ AHT  Buy @ 3044p

Avalara/ AVLR  Buy @ $162 BILL Buy @ $110

Bitcoin/ XBT  Buy @ $15,100

Blackline/ BL  Buy @ $112

Cadence Design Systems/ CDNS  Buy @ $122

CoStar Group/ CSGP   Buy @ $904

Epam Systems/ EPAM  Buy @ $350

Experian/ EXPN  Buy @ 3123p

Facebook/ FB  Buy @ $295

Ferrari/ RACE  Buy @ $205

Five9/ FIVN  Buy @ $163

Fiverr/ FVRR  Buy @ $168

Globant/ GLOB  Buy @ $203

Halma/ HLMA  Buy @ 2521p

Hubspot/ HUBS  Buy @ $335

L’Oreal/ OR  Buy @ €298

Meituan Dienping/ 3690   Buy @ HK$329.8

MongoDB/ MDB  Buy @ $251

Nio/ NIO  Buy @ $39.38

Nvidia/ NVDA  Buy @ $563

Pinduoduo/ PDD Buy @ $111

S4 Capital/ SFOR  Buy @ 425p

Sea Limited/ SE  Buy @ $184

ServiceNow/ NOW  Buy @ $530

Spirax-Sarco/ SPX  Buy @ 11905p

Synopsys/ SNPs  Buy @ $238

The Trade Desk/ TTD  Buy @ $655

UnitedHealth Group/ UNH  Buy @ $350

Xero/ XRO  Buy @ A$118.70

Zebra Technologies/ ZBRA  Buy @ $339

Zendesk/ ZEN  Buy @ $123

Zscaler/ ZS  Buy @ $150


You should not imagine that because the shares are just in a list with buy prices that they are in any sense weak recommendations. They are all shares in companies with classic growth stock characteristics. If I picked one at random and did an in-depth story based on days of research you would find the story was exciting and the business clearly of great quality. These are literally a cross-section of the most exciting. fastest-growing, best led businesses on the planet. If you have the funds available and were to buy all of them I would regard that as a brilliant move which was likely to generate substantial future gains.


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