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On Track to Become the Most Valuable Company That Ever Existed

July 19, 2023

Below is what some other investors, many knowledgeable, think about my favourite company.

Ever since Nvidia decided to make a play for the AI business, it’s been tailoring its approach to create obstacles that make it virtually impossible for potential competitors to offer products with similar capabilities. The GPU’s, including those packaged with the Grace CPU, are installed on boards with compatible electronics. Such electronics include networking that enables each of the thousands of GPU’s in a system to access all of the system memory. And then the software Nvidia loads is designed to control every aspect of the total system. Nvidia never fails to point out that it provides the entire stack. The GPU’s can’t be popped out of a socket and replaced with an AMD GPU anymore than an Intel CPU can be replaced with an AMD CPU on a motherboard designed for an Intel unit.

For instance, I doubt that Nvidia sells its Grace Hopper chip to Dell. If it did, it would have to provide all the information on the speed, voltage, cooling requirements, and most importantly the pinout, so that support devices could be designed into the system. That’s equivalent to Nvidia releasing all its IP.

Nvidia is not an AI chip company, but is rather a supercomputer manufacturer. It will take years for AMD, by itself or working with Dell, to match Nvidia. And by that time, Nvidia will be years ahead of where it is now. Quite honestly, and without hyperbole, Nvidia has the potential to become the most valuable company that ever existed.

Paul, Yahoo Finance Chat room, 4 July 2023

Nvidia is the World’s Operating System for AI.

Welcome to Nvidia. Not only do we have the absolute best hardware, we own the operating system for AI. No one is even close. All future revenues will be filtered through us.

DiatomaceousEarth, Yahoo Finance Chat room, 22 February 2023

At Computex, Jensen said we are at the I-phone moment for Nvidia and AI. Read between the lines and I think he meant that NVDA has become a worldwide “life-altering” company, just like Apple became years ago. NVDA will be part of our everyday lives in many different ways. I think the road to $2T+ will be much quicker and smoother than the road to $1T. This valuation will be justified from parabolic earnings growth. I’ve been on this train for quite a few years and no plans on getting off.

Guiseppe, Yahoo Finance Chat room, 20 June 2023

Listened to the Adobe CC and that was about as strong a call as I’ve heard this season. I don’t own it but wish I did. As predicted they mentioned NVDA ( I counted at least 4 times). AI has completely revolutionized their businesses. In fact turbo charged them. Owning NVDA is a back door way of benefiting from Adobe growth, but this stock will fly next few years all because of AI and NVDA. NVDA has their tentacles in all the hottest AI companies and a reason for it to continue to soar. No telling how high we can go. Incredible. 😎

Mucho, Yahoo Finance Chat room, 15 June 2023

I posted below an article on the projected CAGR ( compound annual growth rate) of AI being 38.1pc from 2022 -2030. If your familiar with the “rule of 72” that means AI growth rate is projected to DOUBLE just under every TWO years for the eight years from 2022 to 2030. ( 72 divided by 38.1). Can you imagine what this will do to the stock price of NVDA. These prices we are looking at today will be pedestrian compared to where we are heading in next 7-8 years 😎

Mucho, Yahoo Finance Chat room, 17 March 2023

Let this be a lesson for those that have unrealized losses. I averaged down 6 times last year, with my lowest purchase price at $115. My average from $281 to now $236. So many times I wanted to just throw in the towel or sell out when it broke even. Stay the course!

Mike, Yahoo Finance Chat room, 30 May 2023

I’ve made a lot of money on NVDA and the market in general.  It’s a great stock.  I live very comfortably because of my stock market investing over many years, even though I have never day-traded or shorted stocks.  I buy good stocks and hold them. The advantage of buying good stocks and holding them is that I don’t have to waste my life watching every up or down tick on the market or a stock.  I use that time instead for living my life. Right now, I am 71 and have been living very comfortably, completely debt free for 20+ years.  I haven’t paid interest on a credit card since the early 80’s.  We have owned everything we have outright for over 20 years.  I also never made more than 60K a year wages in my lifetime. I sold some NVDA at a nice gain when Biden got elected because the man is senile and hasn’t the slightest idea what he’s doing.  I didn’t sell it all though. Does that mean that I think you shouldn’t buy NVDA?  No! It depends on your age.  For the long term, I don’t think you can go wrong.  If you day-trade, as far as I am concerned, you are spending an awful lot of your life gambling.  When you think of what computer  graphics were like just 10 years ago compared to now, the difference is astounding!  Go back 20 years and it’s like a trip to the stone age! I worked in high tech electronics my entire working life.  High-tech monitors of today will be the holograms running around on your desktop of tomorrow. The chips that make those holograms will be NVDA chips.

NOYB, Yahoo Finance Chat room, 2 February 2023

Here are the high estimates on earnings for Nvidia in 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026. For 2023 the current high estimate is 3.34. For 2024 it jumps to 8.90 and in 2025 it goes to 14.33 and finally 2026 to 19.00. These are pretty significant in terms of earnings power. What really jumps out at you is the fact that 2025’s earnings are only 27 times earnings and 2026 is only 20 times earnings. As the year goes on there is only one place this stock price is heading. In the same direction as the earnings estimates. Higher.

Kenneth, Yahoo Finance Chat room, 12 June 2023

Nvidia CFO, Colette Kress, said that companies are “racing to deploy” Nvidia’s graphics processing units (GPUs) to meet growing AI demand. The demand for Nvidia’s graphics cards is so strong that the company is reportedly struggling to keep up. Supply issues have reportedly led to a sharp jump in the prices of Nvidia’s AI-capable GPUs, with a premium of as much as 40pc in China. Morgan Stanley…”Frankly, the commentary around these markets is more positive than anything we have heard in 29 years of covering semiconductor stocks.”

kastenz, Yahoo Finance Chat room, 18 June 2023

Ø  Nvidia CEO says A.I. has hit an ‘inflection point’ 

Ø  Google CEO Sundar Pichai  – ‘impact every product across every company’

Ø  Amazon CEO Andy Jassy – “AI will be a ‘big deal’ for company”

Ø  Elon Musk Creates New Artificial Intelligence Company ‘X.AI’

Ø  Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, told CNBC that “AI-powered search is the biggest thing to happen to the company in the nine years he’s been CEO”.

Bottom line is that there is no putting the genie back in the lamp and it is not going back in, because the competition is underway and the USA adversaries are working as fast as they humanly can to lead in the evolution of AI too. AI now has too much to do with securing current and future market leads, as well as military use, climate change, the evolution of EVs and all type of manufacturing at a larger scale in energy, healthcare solutions, technology and the race to space and on and on and on. Once again leading me to infer NVDA upcoming earnings will beat and report forward looking guidance that will surpass even the highest of expectations targets. Which will likely ensue a profound incline to the share price that will mint new wealth and millionaire investors very soon. While my comments may sound extreme all the above comments from the CEO have all agreed that AI will profoundly change the world the likes of the COVID pandemic. The race is on…

Don San Pablo, Yahoo Finance Chat room, 17 April 2023

Well done, Don San Pablo, prophetic words indeed! Forward guidance was an incredible $11bn v $7bn expected.

Significant forward guidance at the May ER [earnings report]. TSMC making changes to their manufacturing/packaging process to deliver more wafers and GPUs to NVIDIA to meet the demand. Can’t wait for the August ER … going to be epic IMO. Keep your eyes peeled for any news prior to the August ER about any further upward revision in guidance. Good luck with your investment. We’ll be back to $1T very soon.

Guiseppe, Yahoo Finance Chat room, 9 June 2023

Nvidia’s next earnings report for Q2, 2024, is due on 23 August. This is the ER, earnings report, which Guiseppe expects to be epic. I agree.

This is the only stock I know of that reminds me of being an early investor in Amazon and the wild ride that was. Not only is NVDA the monopolistic ruler of AI, but there’s this huge disrupter/discovery coming down the road and gaining tremendous momentum called Quantum Computing and NVDA again is the monopolistic ruler of that. Projections originally called for it to be of a consequential nature in 2030 but those projections are being moved way up as this is moving upon us much quicker than anticipated. Surprisingly an old time tech company called IBM is a major player in it too. ……..NVDA is in a class by itself. 😎

Mucho, Yahoo Finance Chat room, 30 May 2023

When I read these comments [not the ones above but ones from bearish commentators], it seems like the writers didn’t listen to the conference call. The nature of computing has changed. World wide, one trillion dollars of remote computing capacity using CPU’s has been obsoleted in favor of deep learning techniques, which require GPU’s. The programs that businesses now require can no longer be run on conventional computing centers.

Nvidia has seen this coming for over five years, and has developed the only system with the GPU’s, high speed and low latency networking, and software to get the most useful information from existing data files. The best comparison is to think of Nvidia as being the combination of Intel and Microsoft during the 1980’s. The Nvidia hardware requires Nvidia software to run properly, and vice versa. To get an AI system that actually works properly, users have to buy both the hardware and software from Nvidia. Nvidia is now making supercomputers on an assembly line. This is a whole new ballgame. And companies like AMD can not sell their GPU’s into the market because AMD GPU’s can’t run Nvidia software. And as the existing remote computing hardware is taken out of service, we may be able to buy the most advanced AMD CPU’s for pennies on the dollar. Nvidia didn’t forecast Q3 and Q4 revenue for FY2024 because it believed it would be so great as to create a credibility problem.

Paul, Yahoo Finance Chat room, 27 May 2023

I think he could be right about Nvidia’s Q3 and Q4 prospects and remember it has already forecast $11bn for Q2, 2024.

Those wondering if Nvidia will meet earnings and revenue expectations here’s a hint for you. The company that builds the large computers that supports the data centres that Nvidia builds reported already. That company is SMCI and they beat expectations and not only did they beat expectations but future guidance on earnings are expected to grow this year at 83pc. That growth was rated a perfect 99 by IBD. Nvidia is a large customer for SMCI. So what do the data call centres support. Data call centres are needed for both what is known as omni-verse or meta verse. Data centres are also needed for ChatGPT. So data centre revenue going forward will even include ChatGPT. So future guidance in the next quarter will include data centres for ChatGPT. Have a great day everyone.

Kenneth, Yahoo Finance Chat room, 23 February 2023

Again these were prophetic words. These chat room guys are amazingly on the button with their comments.

Guys keep your eyes on the far horizon and you will see blue skies and birds flying and at night you can see the planets. AI will take us there. And on earth they will do just about anything (actually thousand times more ) more than you and I can imagine. Such as complicated surgeries, dispensing and manufacturing medicines, diagnostic, X Rays reading and interpretation, your daily shopping and driving etc etc. and here comes the exciting part, it can take you to the past, the future and other dimensions etc etc etc. So Nvidia has a fantastic and a fabulous future

Ashley, Yahoo Finance Chat room, 24 March 2023

NVDA and NOW partnership will reinvent computing. Taken IT and put into hands of every single computer. Reinvent computers. Integrate into world’s data centres. Great story of both companies to be everywhere and all platforms. Too complicated for me to explain but this partnership is HUGE. Huang says “we are a fundamentally creative company”. These are 2 growth companies. Will work together in AI area. OWN THESE STOCKS. IT COULD MAKE YOU VERY RICH.

Edward, Yahoo Finance Chat room, 17 May 2023

NOW is ServiceNow, which was recently alerted in QV and is an exciting business with a great chart.

Strategy – Just Believe Nvidia is the greatest stock on the planet

These guys on Yahoo Finance, Mucho, Guiseppe, Don San Pablo & Co., with their Chatroom comments are preaching to the converted as far as I am concerned. I have not seen such sizzling excitement around a stock since the early days of Google, Amazon, Netflix and Tesla.

Nvidia is already big with a market value over $1 trillion but just as a billions have replaced millions as the go-to big number we are now entering the age of trillions. The scale of these mega-cap technology companies is going to become almost unimaginable in the age of AI, space travel, robots, smart everything and who knows what other wonders that are coming.

Innovation at this scale is going to require deep pockets and massive markets to make it work and Nvidia is at the heart of the action.

The shares will bob around as momentum investors and day traders jump on and off the runaway train but the big picture is as phenomenally exciting as anything I have ever seen. There is an exponential technology revolution happening and the front runner in making it happen is Nvidia!

Share Recommendations

Nvidia. NVDA. Buy @ $474

ServiceNow. NOW Buy @ $597

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