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More on AI: a revolution is just beginning

March 20, 2023

AI is the most powerful technology force the world has ever known. The NVIDIA AI platform offers skills like computer vision, conversational AI, recommender systems, AI avatars, robotics, and accelerated genomic sequencing to the world’s enterprises.

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Everybody is becoming very excited about ChatGPT which, as I understand it may be the first example of AGI or General Artificial Intelligence. It is said to be amazing and has becoming the fastest-growing app in history, reaching 100m users in just two months and valuing OpenAI, the business that founded it at $30bn.

There are three stages in AI, weak or narrow AI, generative or general AI known as AGI and super AI, known as ASI, where the machines become more intelligent than humans. It is this last level which some say may never be reached and others say could be scary because the machines may decide that they do not need us as happened in the future in the Terminator films.

ChatGPT was created by a company called OpenAI in which Microsoft recently invested $10bn, or so it is believed following earlier investments of $2bn to $3bn. Most recently there was a conversation between Satya Nadella and Sam Altman, CEOs of Microsoft and OpenAI respectively, which took a very positive view on AI.

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