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Find Stock Market Hidden Gems When the Gloom is Thickest

April 17, 2023

There is a great deal of negative news out there. Banks are failing, inflation is raging out of control, interest rates are climbing, there is war in Europe and ever more people are being displaced from the developing world and seeking homes and a life in the prosperous west. This may seem like the last time to be thinking of buying stock market shares but here at Quentinvest we think just the opposite.

Negative News Hiding Stock Market Hidden Gems

Negative news over-shadowing stock market investment opportunities
Negative news over-shadowing stock market investment opportunities

In 2008 as the whole western banking system went into meltdown stock market share values plummeted and investors ran for cover. What happened next, a bull market that began in March 2009 and saw the Nasdaq 100 index rise nearly 17 times, trough to peak, over the next 12 years.

That bull market was driven by the unfolding technology revolution, which is why the Nasdaq 100 index did so well with its high exposure to technology shares. Is there any sign that the technology revolution is over or even slowing down? Absolutely not; very much the contrary.

ChatGPT and Generative AI

Connecting human data to mindset of Artificial intelligence AI, Digital data and machine learning technology and computer brain.
Connecting human data to mindset of Artificial intelligence

Look no further than the new and exciting app, ChatGPT – the artificial intelligence chatbot taking the world by storm. ChatGPT is the fastest growing app in history, passing 100 million users within two months of launch and most likely ushering in a whole new wave of dramatic progress in technology and what it can do for us.

Announcements involving the use of generative AI (the new and vastly more powerful form of artificial intelligence) are coming thick and fast from US companies and the tsunami of technological progress which is 21st century America.

America – The Powerhouse of Wealth Creation

Wall Street sign seen outside the New York Stock Exchange

It is not just in technology though that America reigns supreme. Wall Street, the shorthand for the place where US stock market shares are traded (now electronically) is a treasure trove of superb quality growth shares that span every commercial activity. Arguably the only place they don’t reign supreme is luxury goods where France and Italy take the crown.

If you reflect that since 1985 the Nasdaq 100 index has risen 119 times you realise what a powerhouse of wealth creation America is – and that is where we look for our best investment opportunities.

Quentinvest – Formula One of Investing

Cockpit of the Ferrari F1

The stock market impact of all this excitement is likely to continue to be seismic and that is what Quentinvest is all about. We seek out the most exciting investments out there and alert our subscribers to the opportunities being presented to them. If you think of Quentinvest as being the Formula One of investing you won’t be far wrong!

Incidentally, If you are wondering when the next bull market is going to begin. Here at Quentinvest we think it already has!

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