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This is your chance to try our online subscription alongside your current print subscription free of charge until 31st January 2022.

It’s quick and easy to activate. Just input your name and email address and we will send you a welcome email and instructions for using your account.

You’ll start receiving Quentinvest emails and real-time Share Alerts immediately.

Don’t forget you can call us over the phone on 07791 737318 to talk you through the process. While the print subscription expires on the 31st January 2022, our fantastic online service continues as long as you opt for a permanent subscription before this date.

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How do I create my account and access my free trial to the new online service?

Simply enter your name and email address on the form above.

How long is the free trial?

Three months from the date you create your online account.

What happens after my free trial ends?

To keep your subscription active you’ll need to subscribe to our online service, either annually or monthly and add your payment details. You can do this in your online dashboard at We will also send you an email reminder.

What happens to any left-over print subscription credit?

Your new online account will be credited with any remaining balance. This will happen automatically when you subscribe to our online service and once your free trial has ended.

How do I pay for my new online subscription after my free trial ends?

You can pay directly in your online dashboard at using Stripe or PayPal.

What happens to my standing order for my print subscription?

Unfortunately, we can’t cancel this for you. You’ll need to cancel this directly with your bank to avoid incurring further charges and it must be done by the account holder.

I am struggling to complete the subscription and payment – can you help?

We are always here to help and can take you through every step. Please contact Arabella between 9am and 5pm every week day on 07791 737318 or [email protected]

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