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Any stock Quentinvest tips has to be going places and meet three criteria.
Great Story

Great Story

All the most exciting businesses have a great story, sometimes more than one. Amazon has three incredible complementary businesses – Amazon retail (selling stuff online), Amazon Prime (its subscription service which gives you free delivery and video streaming) and Amazon Web Services, its cloud computing business. Even one of these stories would have made it one of the world’s great growth stocks, having three of them means that in just 20 years founder Jeff Bezos has become the world’s third richest man.

Great Growth

Great Growth

The proof is always in the pudding. A great story is just a dream unless we can see it in the numbers. Something important to the business should be growing, either customers, sales, profits, earnings, dividends or maybe all of these things. If we can’t see and touch that growth we don’t touch the stock.

Great Chart

Great Chart

Quentinvest uses charts and fundamentals, when we pick stocks. It is something I have always done and it works for me. At its simplest a great chart means the shares are heading higher. I never want to be the only guy buying. If this company is so great other people should be buying the shares. If nobody else is I become very suspicious and again I won’t touch it.

Momentum Investing

  • Quentinvest’s focus is entirely on shares in fast-growing companies, often ones with which subscribers will not be familiar, although time and again the shares selected like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google (Alphabet), Facebook, Netflix, Intuitive Surgical, Adobe, Tesla, JD Sports, Games Workshop and many others will go on to become household names.

  • We use a mixture of fundamental and technical analysis to make selections.
    This is sometimes known as momentum investing because it focuses on shares in companies with strong growth momentum and a rising share price.

  • We are great believers in running profits and allowing miracles to happen.
    As an example, shares in Apple have been recommended 45 times since July 2009. The price of the first recommendation was $21.56. The latest price is over $350. We have never advised subscribers to sell their Apple shares.

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Quentin Lumsden has been writing about the stock market and has been an active investor for over 40 years. You will be tapping into his unrivalled knowledge and enjoy his lively writing on the subject.

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  • Earlier in my career I worked as a fund manager, specialising in US shares, as investment editor of The Investor's Chronicle and as editor of the IC (Investor's Chronicle) Stock Market Letter.
  • I am the owner and author of two investment newsletters, The Quantum Leap Stockmarket Letter and Chart Breakout, which have been in continuous publication since 1984.
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