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Our unique 3G long-term investment approach

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All of our stock suggestions meet our strict 3G criteria

Great Story

1. Great Story

A great business always has a great story to tell. Sometimes a business can have more than one great story. Amazon for example has three. Amazon retail, (retail), Amazon Prime (subscription) and Amazon Web Services (cloud computing) have helped founder Jeff Bezos become the world’s second richest man in just 20 years.

Great Growth

2. Great Growth

Once we are happy there’s a great story, we look at the numbers. This could be customers, sales, profits, earnings, dividends or if you’re lucky, all of them. But, and it’s a big but, we must see growth for us to consider it.

Great Chart

3. Great Chart

At its simplest, a great chart means shares should be heading in the right direction, up. Other savvy investors should also be buying into the company. If they aren’t, we never suggest you do.

Momentum Investing

It’s all about momentum investing

We use a mixture of fundamental and technical analysis to make selections. This is often known as momentum investing because it focuses on shares in companies with strong growth momentum and a rising share price.

Realise great returns with long-term investing

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