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Quentinvest for ETFs

February 2, 2021

Quentinvest for ETFs is doing amazingly well, so well I am a bit stunned. Who would have though ETFs could be such exciting investments. The average gain on ALL recommendations since the service was launched in the summer of 2017 is over 57pc! Virtually every single ETF recommended is higher. I think there is one for gold which is down a bit.

I strongly recommend having some ETFs in your portfolio and if you decided to go 100pc ETFs I can see the logic. They are safer than shares but deliver a not dissimilar performance.

There are so many options. For example, if you are attracted by the gains delivered by QQQ3 but wary of the volatility, you could put three quarters of your allocated funds into QQQ and a quarter in QQQ3 and wait for the latter to catch up and overtake the former.

Good fun but also potentially very profitable.

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